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Essentia Organic Mattress CAN

Dormeuse REM9 Organic Mattress

Dormeuse REM9 Organic Mattress

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The pinnacle of Essentia sleep technology, the Dormeuse REM9 organic performance mattress is where you will benefit from all 7 of Essentia’s key elements to experience enhanced Deep Sleep. Featuring Essentia’s patented Beyond LatexTM organic foam, the ultra adaptive sleep surface has an accelerated response to movements for reduced sleep interruption. Experience luxurious zero gravity comfort that evenly distributes body weight and eliminates pressure points. You’ll stay in deep sleep and rem sleep stages longer as you are lulled into a state of micro-hibernation as the sleep surface actively thermoregulates up to 9 degrees cooler as you sleep.

Dormeuse REM9 organic latex mattress is available in 3 different support options: Firm, Medium, and Soft-Fior our luxuriously soft foam formula that doesn’t sacrifice density for comfort. This therapeutic mattress is the top choice among athletes, wellness experts, and high performers for accelerated recovery from stress, training, and injury. 

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